The Nearest Pull Off

by | Oct 12, 2012 | Stories & Expeditions, Tips & Tricks | 0 comments

After sighting the grizzly bear, we continued on into the Many Glacier section of Glacier National Park fully intending to make it to Swiftcurrent Lake for sunset. We never made it, but this pull off worked well enough!

9937_Many Glacier-Montana-USA_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 1-400 sec at f - 8.0, ISO 400

About the Picture: I am finding out more and more how important it is to scout out locations before arriving at the dynamic times of daylight. For this awesome sunset, we were only one bend in the road away from a large lake that would have gloriously caught the reflection of the mountains and sky. But I didn’t know that. I had never been there before so I stopped on the nearest pull off that had the western mountains in view. If you can, first find out where the sun will be in the sky, then spend some time in the area you want to shoot to find the ideal spot for ideal compositions. But whatever the case, don’t forget to enjoy the sunset! I certainly did for this one!

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