Designing for a Big Event

by | May 2, 2013 | Tips & Tricks, Updates & Opportunities | 1 comment

Been wrapping up these last big design projects! Here’s what I put together for MissionTalk as they prepare for a big conference the week after next. What’s the key for designing for big events? Repetition with variation! We stuck with one design that we liked and then threw in a bit of variation to keep it looking fresh and new. We made sure to add a lot of color and texture too. And we made sure to keep in mind the philosophies of simplicity and less-is-better.

Along with the CEF calendars, these are the different materials MissionTalk will have at their booth. Tons of time went into these!

CEF Calendar Price Sheet (front and back)

Price SheetPrice Sheet2

Booth Banners (side by side)

MT BannerMT Banner2MT Banner3

MissionTalk Customer Booklet

MT Customer Booklet

MT Customer Booklet2

MT Customer Booklet5

MissionTalk Ministry Card

Ministry card

Newsletter Update


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  1. Kelly

    Looks great!


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