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Did you receive or purchase a Lenspiration 2014 Calendar?  Has it  been hanging on your wall long enough for you to begin formulating your own opinions about it? Did concerns or impressions come to mind back when you were navigating  on the Lenspiration or StaddonFamily online stores? Have thoughts about what would make future calendars better popped into your head as you’ve used your calendar over the last month?

I want to learn from you, my customer, as much as I can. Your comments and suggests are as valuable as gold to me. The quick survey below, mostly multiple choice but with optional space for those who want to make observations in detail, covers everything from your feedback on quality and price to your satisfaction with Lenspiration’s notifications and navigating the online stores. Even if you can’t think of anything right off, I’m sure you won’t have a problem answering the questions that, though seemingly simple, are of such great value to me. Thanks!


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  1. Olivia Marie Meggs

    The Fuhrmann Family bought us one of these calendars for Christmas and we love it! We love the scripture and song verses for each month . . .coupled with the beautiful photography, this makes a special “addition” to the wall!
    Good job!


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