Texas Workshop Rescheduled!

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Updates & Opportunities | 0 comments

Important update here: as of yesterday, the CAPTURE Texas workshop has been rescheduled to April 16-19. This is two weeks later than originally planned. There are currently 4 spots available, so if you’re schedule didn’t allow the opportunity to come with the previous dates, check your calendar again!

I’m not sure how shooting two weeks later will effect our pursuit of the Bluebonnets, but I’ll be keeping my eye on websites like TexasBluebonnetSightings and TexasHillcountryWildflowers. Whether we end up shooting Bluebonnets or not, there’s no question that there will still be plenty of wildflowers for painting color in our Texas landscapes. Over the years, I’ve learned by experience and trial and error that shooting flowers and spring flora is not as easy as it may seem. I’m looking forward to sharing every secret that I know for making the most of those beautiful little gems that God has planted around us faithfully every year in infinite variety.

Just some random pictures I shout while at the park one evening. Not that great of a time to shoot, but still somewhat fun. Disapointed at the results

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