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by | Mar 19, 2014 | Updates & Opportunities | 2 comments

When one has both good and bad news, it’s  better to start with the bad, right? Well, CAPTURE Texas has been canceled due to the fact that the minimum number of photographers was not reached by the Early Registration Deadline. Sad indeed, but it’s better to stick with principle than to try and stretch oneself too thin. But thankfully, there’s something new to be looking forward to!

Event Photography

Join me for the next big event, this time in Big Sandy, Texas. April 22-25 is the Advanced Training Institute’s Regional Family Conference and I have been asked to lead a Conference Photography Workshop. With five years of experience covering these conferences, I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with fellow photographers who want to delve deeper into photojournalism-type work.

What I like most about this new opportunity is that you can learn from my experience of trial-and-error and avoid the typical mistakes and headaches associated with this kind of photography. You also get to practice in a real-life, hands-on, take-it-or-it’s-gone-forever environment and have the great feeling of taking on an important role while serving a Bible-based ministry all at the same time!

I’ll be posting more details as they fall in place. In the meantime, send all inquiries to [email protected]. There’s no Early Registration Deadline, so it won’t  be canceled, but that also means there won’t be an Early Registration Discount. However, that shouldn’t be a problem because this workshop is only $50. Yup; that’s all! It won’t be nearly as training-intensive as a CAPTURE Workshop, but it will certainly be intense in other ways. Have you ever covered a large event before? I’m tellin’ ya! It’s going to be crazy! But it’s going to be crazy fun. It always is when you put your whole heart and might into something!


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  1. Elizabeth Lindsay

    “I’m tellin’ ya! It’s going to be crazy! But it’s going to be crazy fun. It always is when you put your whole heart and might into something!”

    True that!

  2. Sarah

    Aw, that’s too sad. I would if I could! The workshop sounds like a lot of fun!


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