Hello from Virginia! Our first full day of CAPTURE was just that . . . very full! We’re all learning a lot. It’s a great team of photographers to be working with and I’m looking forward to the next two full days ahead of us!


I only took one shot of the sunrise this morning. Smile Was working with everyone else to try and help them get good shots. The first mornings are always the most difficult! Praise the Lord for the fabulous color in the sky, though.


After the sun came up, we spent some time shooting the chickens on Our Father’s Farm during the morning golden hour. Good subjects to practice drive modes and focusing methods. Smile


I’m doing something different this workshop than any other. Thanks to Katie Wilson, a local portrait photographer, the afternoon was spent learning how to take great pictures of people. It went so well that I would like to introduce this concept at other CAPTURE’s in the future!


It helps that we had great subjects. Thank you Fuhrmann family for hosting this class and letting is take pictures of your family! You all are truly a blessing.


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