How You Can Have a Truly Valuable Calendar

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Updates & Opportunities | 0 comments

I just finished up the very first Artists calendar! An artist sent me 12 of her best pictures, I plopped them into the calendar design that I had already made for 2015, and voilà!

2015 Lineup Ad

Actually, it wasn’t quite that simple. Perhaps if evolution were true. But of course we had to color correct the pictures and send it through an approval process before it was sent to the printer who printed it and shipped it . . . all of which took some time. But it happened! And now that the Artists calendar is an official product on the Lenspiraiton Store, it’s as simple as ever to start and complete the process!

And so you know, the Artists calendars are not for artists only. I originally put this variety of calendar together for photographers, but didn’t want to exclude those who used paint, pen or pencil. Photographers are artists too, right? We just draw with pixels.

If you want to display your work in a frame that is as quality in appearance as the work itself, you can get started today on the Lenspiration Store. And you’d better get started today! Christmas is coming up as fast as the Black Friday deals disappeared!

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