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Remember how I’ve said I’ve been working behind the scenes on some things? Well, it’s been a year in the making and it’s no longer behind the scenes . . . in response to many requests and as a result of much prayer and preparation, the Lenspiration Community is finally launched!

The express purpose of the Lenspiration Community is to provide an online platform for photographers of any level to learn, grow and share skills in photography in a Christ-honoring environment.

You can join the community as either a FREE or a PRO member. Here’s the difference between the two:

Membership options

For the month of May, Through June 6, you can use the coupon code $9n.may at checkout to get 50% off the life of your monthly or yearly subscription. That brings your membership down to $9/month (or $89/year) forever.

And if you just want to poke around and see what the PRO Membership is like, there’s always the 10 day free trial. You can cancel at any time.

I’ve been working toward this day for a very long time, but am now looking forward to working with others in the call to raise the standard of excellence in photography!

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