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by | Jun 25, 2015 | Updates & Opportunities | 0 comments

Are you a beginner photographer? Do you aspire to take great pictures but haven’t quite figured out how to use you DSLR? Do you struggle with understanding the buttons on your camera and knowing what they can do for you?

I meet a lot of photographers with these questions, so I decided to put together a Basic DSLR Photography course to help answer them. Things can be explained quite a bit more clearly in an online course than in a 10 minute conversation or even a multi-day workshop. So yesterday, I just added Lesson 1, An Overview of Camera Controls, to Section 2, Understanding the Camera’s Controls! If you are a PRO Member, click here for instant access.

Here’s a snippet from the new lesson:

Snippet from Lesson 2.1

The lesson then proceeds to provide diagrams and descriptions of the Mode Dial and The Interior elements of a camera. It’s the first in 10 lessons that will deal with understanding the camera’s controls.

While this course is only available to PRO Members, you can still view it for free (along with the entire 1st Section of the course) by joining the Lenspiration Community PRO Membership with the 10-day free trial. Feel free to take in as much as you can and then unsubscribe whenever you like. And if you click on the following link, you can get 50% off the life of your membership ($18/month $9/month) if it happens to take more than 10 days to digest the course.

View discount and join PRO


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