Are You Familiar with the Exposure Trio?

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The Exposure Trio is the term used for the three fundamental elements of exposure: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

In the latest three lessons that I just added to the Basic DSLR Photography Course, I explain in detail exactly what those settings are, how they work, and how to easily remember what they are. I’ve taken a lot of time to add illustrations, example photos, assignments and even quizzes to help learn these basics as easily and quickly as possible!

If you’re not a PRO Member on the Lenspiration Community, feel free to view the snippets below to get a gist of what the exposure trio is all about.

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Lesson 2.3: Understanding Aperture

Snippet from Lesson 2.3

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Lesson 2.4: Understanding Shutter Speed

Snippet from Lesson 2.4

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Lesson 2.5: Understanding ISO

Snippet from Lesson 2.5

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