Best Shots from the Big Sandy Photography Team!

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170426-James Staddon_5112

Big photography teams are a blast!

And that’s what we had in Texas at the Big Sandy Family Conference! Along with learning the best camera controls to use for event photography and shooting practical photo assignments for three days straight, photo critique was an integral part of the photography team training.

Here are a few critiques of a few shots taken by a few of the students on the Photography Team:

170426-Nathaniel Hendry-3301

Photo by Nathaniel

Great moment. Nice depth of field. Atypical angle is perfect for this subject. Slightly underexposed.


Photo by Haley

Excellent expressions. Perfect exposure. Capturing the moment. Slightly strange background element on right. Would be worth spending time to edit out.


Photo by Maida

Great activity for a great moment. Wish there was a more pleasant expression on both faces. Perhaps wait for more interaction, or initiate it. Excellent angle and depth of field. Subjects form a very nice triangle; I would probably have cropped to equal space on both right and left side.


Photo by Annie

Always go for interaction of parents with children. Great expressions. Probably would have tried going vertical to include only those setting in the golf cart. Zoom in to only include most important elements.


Photo by Joshua

Very expressive. Tack sharp, in focus which is difficult to do when the subject is evidently moving quite quickly. Nice depth of field. I perhaps would have pulled back on the crop a little to include more space around head, and probably not cropped off the fingers.

20170426_Rebekah Paynter_2

Photo by Rebekah

It’s always nice to recognize the volunteers that work so hard behind the scenes to make a Conference possible. I would probably have zoomed in a little closer, or cropped the left side of the picture a bit, even if it cut the wheel. Great expressions overall.


Photo by Kara

Perfect moment. Perfect expressions. Perfect composition. Perfect exposure. Beautiful depth of field. One of my favorite shots from the conference.

For more in-depth critique, come and join a Photography Team in person! View the full summer schedule here. The next best option is to join the next Photo Critique webinar planned for Tuesday, May 30 at 7pm. Follow Lenspiration on Facebook to be notified when registration opens.

PRO Members may watch the previous Photo Critique webinar at to learn about multiple methods for adding contrast to an image in Lightroom, why a landscape photo may not initially grab the eye of the viewer, how to use props in a way that enhances a subject, and how to pose people in a more pleasing way.

Critique 15


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