Window On The Marsh

by | May 5, 2017 | Stories & Expeditions | 0 comments

As I peered out of my hammock on that cool Louisiana morning, the pre-dawn sky to the west was dull gray. It didn’t look like there would be much of a sunrise.

I was tired and wanted to go back to sleep, but I peeked out the other side just to make sure.

The horizon to the east was turning pink. I hadn’t hiked all the way out to this little peninsula, set up camp, and spent the night on Chicot Lake to catch up on sleep. The opportunity to shoot in beautiful locations away from the crowds and in a unique, peaceful place doesn’t happen all that often. I had to get up. And get up quickly! Sunrise wasn’t going to wait for me.

Window On The Marsh

Window On The Marsh
Chicot Lake, Chicot Lake State Park, Louisiana
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