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The photo critique webinar on Tuesday night was fantastic! We delved into more advanced stuff like color schemes, balance in composition, and the difference in twilight zones at blue hour.

But while that video replay is not available to the public, I thought it would be fun to pull a past, PRO-exclusive critique webinar from the archives to share with everyone here on the blog for once. I’ve never shared a webinar with the public like this before, but I thought this one had some good content too:

critique 18

Here’s a quick summary of the things we talked about in the video with their timestamp:

  • 00:00 – the webinar begins
  • 03:35 – PHOTO CRITIQUE 1 and fixing a lack of originality
  • 07:44 – How to export photos less than 2MB in Lightroom
  • 11:08 – PHOTO CRITIQUE 2 and how the pros edit in B&W
  • 23:38 – 14 tips for shooting from the car window
  • 27:10 – The amazing Guided Upright Tool in Lightroom
  • 28:03 – PHOTO CRITIQUE 3 and how to deal with dappled light
  • 36:44 – How Solo Mode in Lightroom can save you tons of time
  • 37:50 – PHOTO CRITIQUE 4 and how I would have composed it differently
  • 44:04 – Amazing features in Lightroom’s Crop Tool
  • 47:12 – PHOTO CRITIQUE 5 and how to create realistic gradients
  • 56:28 – PHOTO CRITIQUE 6 and and why I really like that photo!

To know when the next webinar will be available, go to and subscribe with the box checked for “Upcoming Live Webinars.”

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