How Do You Deal With Temptation?

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I love Sunday evenings! Especially after the time change. It gets dark so early one can sit down and enjoy a good book for what feels like “late into the night” without it actually going late into the night!

Last night I was reading William Gurnall’s “The Christian in Complete Armour”. I bet if camera’s had been around in the 1600s, William would have been a photographer. Analogies and visual illustrations are on just about every page.

Here’s one paragraph that stood out to me last night:

“Recite it to your soul: ‘Sin shall not have dominion over you, saith the Almighty God!’ Now if you are going to take shelter under this attribute, you must stay within its shade. What good will the shadow of a mighty rock do if we sit in the open sun? That is to say, if we wander away from God’s protection by venturing into the heat of temptation, we should not be surprised when our faith grows faint and we stumble and fall into sin. We are weak in ourselves; our strength lies in the rock of God’s almightiness. It should be our constant habitation.”

130923-JAS-5794_Alabama Hills, California, USA_Canon EOS 5D Mark II 24 mm 1-100 sec at f - 11 ISO 200

This is one reason why I like to keep an emphasis on wholesomeness here on Lenspiration. There are definitely times when God will call us into battle “under the sun”, but what do we surround ourselves with in times of training or recovery? The shade of God our Rock and the cleansing power of His Word!

There’s nothing quite like meditating on God’s Word day and night, letting it saturate every area of life. Including photography. I so appreciate the comments on meditation made by the new forum member @rejoiceevermore on the recent Shoot to Serve op, New Life,  “God’s goal is not to improve us or make us better but rather His desire is to take us by way of the cross and make us brand new! We become the righteousness of God IN Him!”

And that’s how God conquers temptation.

So let us continue to meditate on His Word and let it change us from the inside out!

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