Highlights from CAPTURE Indiana!

by | Apr 15, 2023 | Updates & Opportunities | 3 comments

More photos coming soon, but here are some highlights from the Lenspiration photography workshops in Indiana this weekend!

230413_James Staddon_9277 Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 20 mm, 1-800 sec at f - 2.8, ISO 200

God gave us an amazing sunset on Thursday night!

230413_James Staddon_9354 Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 30 mm, 1-40 sec at f - 4.0, ISO 400

Horses, a donkey, cows, and this huge bull came by to have their pictures taken at this random roadside stop.

230414_James Staddon_9387 Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 18 mm, 1-250 sec at f - 2.8, ISO 100

So grateful for beautiful, warm, spring weather all three days!

230415_James Staddon_9498 Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 70 mm, 1-800 sec at f - 4.0, ISO 100

I had forgotten that dust can actually be a photographer’s friend!

230415_James Staddon_9554 Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 78 mm, 1-100 sec at f - 4.0, ISO 320

Such a great team of young people to spend a weekend with!

230415_James Staddon_9551 Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 24 mm, 2.5 sec at f - 11, ISO 50

A Way Through The Gorge
Turkey Run State Park, Indiana
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  1. Warrior Princess

    Oh my goodness, it looks like you all had an amazing time!

  2. Warrior Princess

    I look forward to one day joining you all at one of those classes.

  3. Evelyn Sager

    Such a fun time! I can’t wait till’ next year, and then we can do it again!

    Thank you so much for a wonderful couple of days Mr. Staddon!


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