Do You Understand How Metering Modes Work?

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Another lesson in the Basic DSLR Photography Course is now available!

Section 2, Lesson 2, Understanding Metering Modes, uses illustrations from shoes to flashlights to help us understand what “metering” means, what “exposure” means and what the different metering modes on your camera can do for you!

For example:

Choosing a metering mode is like choosing what pair of shoes to wear before going outside. Am I going for a run? I’ll put on my running shoes. Am I going to play tennis? I’ll put on my tennis shoes? For a walk on the beach, a pair of sandals.

2.2 12-24-09_2186

(I personally wouldn’t wear these sandals per se, but you get the picture.)

Unless I’m doing an activity for an extended amount of time, I could use any of those types of shoes for any of those activities, but certain shoes will certainly work better for me than others.

This is how metering modes work. Any of them can work for whatever scene you’re shooting, but some will work better for certain scenes than others.

And thankfully, there are not a bazillion different metering modes on your camera like there are types of shoes to choose from. Most cameras are only equipped with 3 or 4 modes to choose from.

And here’s another snippet from the new lesson:

Snippet from Lesson 2.2


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