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Seeing my latest favorite picture on my computer desktop me to keep taking better pictures! Do you have a fresh, new inspirational background on your desktop at the moment?

Here’s the one I’m currently using:

151019-JAS_1970 W

This shot was taken at an ugly, half-covered-in weeds marsh beside an old dirt road in New Hampshire. It’s amazing how you’d probably never guess! As I was driving by, I saw the sun-lit foliage on the opposite side of the marsh and thought, “Wow, those would look nice in a reflection”. Then I walked over and looked down and saw the ice at the edge of the water. I didn’t think much about the ice especially until I bent down and lined myself up so that the color would be reflected in the ice. Then I really said “Wow!”. The ice (and embedded leaves) added some much-needed texture that was lacking in the water. It’s kinda nice that there was one special, upside leaf to use as a visual anchor too, in the composition. I guess being the odd one out isn’t always bad, eh?

If you got the last Latest from Lenspiration email update that I sent out on Saturday then you should have been able to download the full res version for free.

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Hope you’re staying inspired by the Creator, His Word and His creation!

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