First Time for Everything . . . Like Shooting an Event Close to Home!

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I’ve lived in West Virginia for over a decade now, and yet I’ve photographed very few photojournalistic-like projects around here. Sure, I’ve shot lots of WV FEW Conferences, Apple Butter Festivals and various ministry outreaches we do as a family, but those I shoot just for the fun of it—it doesn’t matter whether or not the pictures turn out. Most of the time, I’m shooting events out of state, whether it’s a homeschool Conference or wedding for a friend. But when our country church’s multi-day Church Camp rolled around this year, I would have to consider it the first event I’ve shot more than just for fun of it close to home. Like 3-miles-away sort of close to home!


No, it wasn’t a large event, and was definitely pulled off in regular West Virginia fashion, but it was a great place to be involved as a photographer. I had other roles to play other than photographer too, but now that it’s over I wish I had taken more pictures!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the few times I pulled out my camera. As usual, I was faced with the typical challenges of indoor action, background distraction and covering an event in general, so if any of the PRO members have questions about how a certain shot was taken, or have a local event coming up that you’re expected to perform well in, let me know here on the forums and we’ll discuss it on the PRO Q&A webinar on Monday!









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