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Have any random photos of storm clouds?

If you’ll take the time to submit them, there’s someone willing to use them.

170621-JAS-9157_Staddon Property, West Virginia, USA_Canon EOS 5D Mark II 24 mm 1-100 sec at f - 4.0 ISO 200

Last week’s Shoot to Serve photo request came from the IBLP Family Conferences. They were looking for pictures of storm clouds to use as a background image for a powerpoint of the hymn “A Shelter In The Time Of Storm” . . . and the opportunity is still open! The deadline isn’t till Wednesday midnight, September 27.

This is a very simple request. Anyone can take pictures of storm clouds! And just like every other STS opportunity, it’s open to everyone . . . even if the only camera they have is a cell phone. Submit your photo of storm clouds now at Opportunity: Storm Clouds.

Have any random photo of an old schoolhouse?

Now, this request isn’t as easy of a subject to just happen to have a “random” picture of, but The Old Schoolhouse magazine is looking for pictures of them to use on the cover of their magazine. And they’re willing to pay for them  too! Why not find one near you to shoot? Why not put some purpose into your “just for fun” photoshoots? That’s what I did with this old 1888 schoolhouse below, in Wisconsin. I was driving all the way out there for a Conference, and I found this old schoolhouse not far off our route, helping to break up the drive and give me opportunity to do what I loved to do with a little more purpose than “just for the fun of it”.

1888 schoolhouse in Wisconsin. Photo by James Staddon.

The Shoot to Serve opportunity for old schoolhouses is temporarily closed. The deadline for that was August 31. But last I heard they still needed pictures of old schoolhouses surrounded by colorful foliage of autumn and snowy blankets of winter, so I’m hoping to re-open that opportunity soon!  You can see the summer pictures that folks have submitted for that opportunity at Opportunity: Old Schoolhouses.

Want to sharpen up your Photoshop skills?

The most recent Shoot to Serve opportunity is more challenging than most. It may require some Photoshop skills if you don’t already live in the mountains. But if you do live in the mountains (or at least close by), than why not get paid to do a photoshoot?! The author of a new book, “Even If He Doesn’t”, has requested a conceptual picture of a woman looking out over a mountain landscape with their hands lifted in praise to God. The mountains symbolize an overwhelming path that has been set before her. The posture of praise is to portray trust despite her “nervousness” about the journey.

I haven’t shot any pictures for this request yet . . . it will take some time, effort and work to organize the photoshoot, set everything up and actually take the pictures that fulfill her request. But how can I call it work if I enjoy photography so much?! Learn more about the kind of picture Margret is looking for in the Opportunity: Woman Worshiping God.

5 081814-JAS_0195

It’s not hard to stay in the loop about when each new shooting opportunity is announced:

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  3. Make sure “Photo Assignments” is checked and click to subscribe!

Like I said, if you’ll take the time to submit them, there’s someone willing to use them There are folks out there looking for your photos.

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