What It Takes To Be a Real Estate Photographer

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When I first picked up photography, it was just for the fun of it. It was a great hobby.

But as hobbies often go, it started taking more and more of my time and money. It wasn’t long before I was asking myself, “Is this something I want to make into an occupation? If so, how in the world am I supposed to go about making money at it?!”

I think these are the kind of questions a lot of photographers are asking. Is it actually possible to make a living in photography? How do I stand out from the crowd? Where do I start?

These are the questions I had in mind while interview a friend and fellow photographer a few weeks ago!

With a background in landscape photography, Daniel’s making his way into professional real estate photography and I think there’s a lot we can glean from his story:


Behind the Scenes Insights

  • Notice that Daniel has had an interest in photography for about 10 years. I’d say it’s pretty important that we should know how to take good pictures and have obvious proof of it as a hobbyist before considering going any further.
  • Daniel is self-motivated. He said he got started by doing “a lot of research”. That’s what it takes to make forward progress. The website he suggested for learning more about real estate photography specifically was www.photographyforrealestate.net
  • Who you know has a lot to do with getting into photography as an occupation. Take the time to meet new people and develop relationships with the intention of meeting the needs of those you come in contact with.
  • See Daniel’s 4-step process for photographing a home in the video tutorial at www.lenspiration.com/how-shoot-interiors
  • The cheap flashes Daniel mentioned are the Yongnuo YN-560 speedlights. I don’t doubt that “they do break here and there”, but there’s no question that they are way cheaper than Canon’s name brand speedlights!

Real estate photography takes experience working with flash. Why not try pulling out your speedlight (if you have one) and learn, practice or brush up on your flash photography skills on the current Photo Assignment?

Good Thumb-James and Daniel


  1. Ryan Madaris

    This really helped me, as I’m interested in getting into the real estate photography business. Thank you!

    • James Staddon

      Yeah, I’ve been learning a lot about it too! In the middle of doing some research before actually buying a few things to unlock that lighting setup!


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