How Much More Can I Learn?

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For last month’s photo assignment, 6 photographers submitted 44 photos. There were some fantastic photos among those 44, but there was one in particular that I really liked. This photo was submitted by Samuel West:

Samuel West - DSC_4608-2

When critiquing everyone’s photos on the Coaching Webinar last week, I decided to use Samuel’s photo to initiate some interaction. I asked everyone, “Why do you think I like this photo?” and everyone could write in their answers. Whoever got it right, would be this month’s featured student photographer.

Hannah said, “They’re all interacting and engaged together.”

Sarah said, “It’s balanced.”

Jemima said, “The father and oldest son is the same length and standing next to each other with the shorter brother in the middle. James always says that he is kind of a perfectionist so I figure that is the reason he likes the photo!” Smile

And all of these are true. I am a perfectionist LOL. The eye flow is certainly balanced. And I am always encouraged to see photos of people interacting and working together! But none of the answers given were quite along the lines of what I was initially thinking.

So, the answer will remain undisclosed, and there will be no featured student photographer for the month of April. Maybe in the next webinar we’ll have a winner (register here!). Smile

But I will say this about Samuel’s photo. Something he said was encouraging, and reminded me of the days I was first learning photography: “This is the first assignment I’ve shot in manual mode, so I got some practice with that. It’s so much more fun to shoot pictures manually. I really enjoy doing it now.”

I first started shooting in full manual when I was 17. I learned how to do it at a photography workshop I attended in Texas, after fiddling around with my dad’s film camera for a couple years. I don’t think I would have continued in the field of photography if I hadn’t learned to shoot in manual at that workshop. It was like turning on a lightbulb. I could do anything with my camera! And I’ve been shooting in manual ever since.

I thought Samuel’s photo would look better with a little editing too. Here’s a version I came up with:

Samuel West - DSC_4608

The more time we spend in photography, the more we realize how much there is to learn!

I was actually thinking about this the other day. The more I take pictures and learn new photography tricks, the more I realize there is much more to learn about photography. And I realize I really am not as good as I think I was. But it’s when I haven’t taken a picture in a whole month that this interesting feeling creeps in that I’ve got a pretty good grip on this photography stuff: “I’m a good photographer.” “I don’t need to practice too much.”

Same thing with traveling. The more I travel and explore, the more I realize there are more places to see and explore. It’s when I sit in an office all week that I think the world is smaller.

And I’d say that’s what it’s like with relationships too. Both with people and with God. The more I engage in conversation, the more I realize how much I need to grow as a conversationalist. The more I spend time in God’s Word, the more I realize there is a whole lot more to it than I thought.

So let’s keep learning! Interests can move from subject to subject. Stages of life change what we are able to spend time in and what we are not able to spend time in. But that doesn’t mean there is less to learn. Let’s keep learning, going deeper, exploring, and searching out hidden treasures.

“O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!” (Romans 11:33)

210508_James Staddon_0418 Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 16 mm, 1-1000 sec at f - 2.8, ISO 50

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