New Video! Lenspiration in a Nutshell

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Updates & Opportunities | 1 comment

Most of the time, folks who stop by a Lenspiration booth have no clue what Lenspiration is all about. They see the name, see the banners and get the vague idea that Lenspiration has something to do with photography. Well, they’re right about that!

Then they think, “I like to take pictures,” and pause for a moment to pick up a brochure. But a brochure just doesn’t do Lenspiration justice, so that’s why I put together this new promo video for the booth! Have you seen it yet?

And here are the links in the promo that you can actually click on:

Whether I’m at the booth or not, this video allows me to ask anyone who stops by these critical questions: “Who is the photographer in your family? What are you actively doing to help them learn the basics? or grow in the skills they already have? Are they thriving on resources that are supportive of a wholesome, Christian learning environment?”

Have you asked yourself those same questions? There’s always more out there to learn; there’s always a next step to take!

And by the way, a shout out to my brother Jonathan of VizaFRAME who worked tirelessly to get this video put together! Without him, I have a feeling I’d still be relying brochures!

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1 Comment

  1. Abbie Camuso

    Thanks for making this! I love watching it!!


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