How I Landed At This Incredible Place

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Traveling for photography gets pretty fun when multiple events line up back to back. I'll pack up hiking clothes and rain gear for an outdoor workshop. Then I'll pack up a suit and tie for a wedding. Then I'll pack up all my lights and a backdrop for a professional studio shoot. Then it gets especially interesting when the locations happen to be in both warm and cold locations! Before too long, the car gets pretty full. But that's part of the fun of it, right? 🙂

So anyway, sometimes these events have a little more space between them then "back to back." The Field Day in Connecticut was to be held on a Saturday of one week, and then the wedding in Quebec was to be held on a Saturday of the following week. This left me with a week of time in between where I wasn't exactly sure where I was going to stay.

But that's part of the fun of it too. It gets me thinking. And this time around I remembered an invitation I had received a couple years ago from a friend who had been introduced to me by another friend. Back when I met him, he was getting an old beach house ready to list on Airbnb and said I could come and stay there any time I wanted. Sweet offer. And of all places, it happened to be right there on the Connecticut coast.

So, I texted Dwight. Turns out he had completed fixing up the house and was quite successful in renting it out these days. So successful, in fact, that he was pretty much booked out. That is, except for the period of time between when he closed up the house for winter and when winter actually hit.

And can you guess when that padding between the two Saturdays happened to be?

Wow. How do I describe how incredible those 3 days were! I can't thank you enough, Dwight. An entire house to set up office, rest up, have devotions as long as I wanted, and shoot pictures of the sun rising over Long Island Sound from a beach-of-a-backyard!

Here are some shots from that incredible, little, God-arranged vacation.

Even though there were many other houses lining the beach, I worked with what I had to make it appear as natural a setting as possible. I found some shells that I thought were kinda interesting, so tried to use those to provide some subjects for my photos. I'm surprised how not every beach you go to will have nice shells on it! Thankfully there were some on this beach.

One big shell I found was whitish so it stood out nicely against the dark sand. I had to get super low to the ground to make it a prominant element in the frame though.  The camera couldn't have been more than 6in away from the shell. I tried many different shutter speeds, but my favorite shot turned out to be the classic one with the shell posed nicely on the freshly wave-swept sand.

Wave Washed Tranquility
Long Island Sound, Clinton, Connecticut
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