On Assignment: In Search of a Grand Piano

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When it came time to make a video for this current photo assignment, I found myself visiting friends in Virginia without a clue where I was going to find a grand piano!

Thankfully they all loved photography too, so we got together to figure out where to find a piano to shoot, actually go out and shoot it, and pull together a (hopefully) coherent video that I hope will help you be more confident in going out and finding a grand piano to shoot for yourself!

If you'd like to join me on an assignment shoot, let me know and we'll try to work something out!

Being on a time crunch and not having the ability to move the piano at all made this shoot an extra challenging one.

However, with a good piece of photo editing software, I feel like I was still able to make something out of what we had to work with. I'm sure if any of these photos win the assignment more in-depth edits would be necessary, but as you can see below, applying first-impression editing before showing any options to the client is vitally important to increasing any chance of having my photos used.



The trouble is, you need a good piece of photo editing software if you want to make good edits to your photos!

To do this, folks will often use random software pre-installed on their computer or find a free program online. However, what I have found is that these programs are often either very limited or difficult to use, giving the beginner photographer the impression that photo editing is complex, ineffective or only something that a professional has the brains to do. That isn't necessarily true, though, which is why I always tell folks it's definitely worth it to invest in a good piece of software that allows them to go deep and get consistent.

At the same time, it may not be worth paying monthly for, as is required for use of the industry standard program, Adobe Lightroom. So that's why I put together this video, Choosing a Photo Editing Program, for Lenspiration Members. It explores today's 2 best Lightroom buy-once-own-forever alternatives, comparing all 3 programs to help you decided which photo editing software is best for your needs. Complete comparison chart included.

Now It's Your Turn!

Now that you know how to shoot this assignment and have a good editing program to help make your photos presentable, it's time to head on over to FEATURED: Grand Piano and get the full details of the assignment!

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