For Those of Us Who Prefer to Learn Hands-On

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Most photographers I meet are the hands-on type.

I remember last year at the MMR Media Summit, we talked for over an hour in the classroom about how to shoot in manual. And this was important. But it wasn’t until after we got outside for the hands-on stuff that it actually started to click with people. And it is SO much fun to watch someone shoot in full Manual for the first time. It might take them 15min to take their first picture, but it is just so obvious when they “get it”. The next picture takes about 5min. And after that it’s just a matter of repetition. Repetition of hundreds and thousands of times, running through that same decision-making process over and over again until those decisions can be made in split-second timing.

And yeah, any random object will do when practicing in Manual. Smile

180512-James Staddon_832005

And then I can remember clearly the last workshop of 2019. Autumn, up in Connecticut. Again, we spent time in the classroom, getting the bigger picture . . . you have to accurately know how Manual works before you can experiment with it if you expect to get any results with it. And with a lot of patience, it will click. That time, our 15min pictures were of leaves.

191019-113430_James Staddon_1689

And when was the last time I took a picture in broad daylight at 16000 ISO?!

191019-114621_James Staddon_1690

Just looking at all the grain in that photo makes me smile. But hands-on is all about trying something, observing the results, and making intentional tweaks to try again with better result.

So, anyway! If you’d like to learn some photography hands-on with Lenspiration in 2020, I’ve updated my workshops map with where I’ll be and when this year:

2020 workshops map

Purple stars = Event Photography workshops

Green pins = Confirmed Photography Field Days

Yellow areas = When and where I’ll be available for a Field Day if there’s interest

So feel free to browse around on the map, check out the different places where workshops and planned, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like me to come and host a photography event of your own.

And to close off, if anyone is interested in joining me at the Media Summit in Pennsylvania in March, here’s a special early-bird coupon code from MMR!

MMR graphic


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